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Wine Tastings & Wine Tasting Courses In Belfast

Interested in wine? Want to learn more about it?

The Wine Education Service has been running wine tastings, wine tasting courses and weekend wine workshops in London and other cities around the UK for 20 years.

We offer thoughtfully designed courses, which will help you extend your knowledge of the wines of the world, sharpen up your taste buds and become more confident about buying, storing and serving wine and matching it with food.

Many wine tastings and wine tasting courses are run by wine merchants. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way to get potential customers into their stores and promote sales of their wines.

We are not wine merchants. We don’t sell wine. We are not paid by any wine merchant to promote their wines.

So, at our wine tastings and on our wine courses, you will never come under any pressure to buy wine.

Our Belfast course venue is the Ramada Encore Hotel in the Cathedral Quarter, close to St Anne's Square.

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Our course tutor is Richard James.

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Richard lives in Northern Ireland and has also lived in France and Manchester, where he ran WES courses for several years. He is a writer, web publisher, translator and wine tutor and has passed the Master of Wine exams (but not the dissertation!).

His blogs are and, where you will find many producer profiles, wine recommendations and features.

So, if you are interested in wine, come and meet like-minded people and enjoy tasting and learning in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.Our programme of wine tastings and wine courses in Belfast over the next few months is as follows:-


Our wine tastings are designed to be informal, educational and fun of course. The tutor will give some background information, introduce each wine and encourage discussion. A wine tasting sheet with stockist info for the wines will be provided, but not detailed notes.

A minimum of 6 wines will be tasted. There will be mineral water and water biscuits to refresh your palate between the wines.

Tastings will be held at the Ramada Encore Hotel on weekday evenings and the occasional Saturday morning.

Thursday 30th November - 6.45 to 8.30 p.m. - Wines With An Irish Connection - £32.50

This tasting will feature six to eight wines (depending on numbers) with a link to Ireland, whether produced by a winemaker originally from Northern Ireland or an Irish-owned wine estate; such as Château de la Ligne in Bordeaux, Creu Celta in Catalonia or the Miquel family in the Languedoc...

To book places at our wine tastings - [click here ]



To see details of our full range of introductory courses - [click here ]

ESSENTIAL WINE TASTING (£125 for 5 sessions)

BELFAST [Map] | [Apply Here] | [Return to Top]
The Ramada Encore Hotel
St. Anne's Square
20 Talbot Street

Close to public transport.

Thursdays 18.45 to 20.30
05/10/17 - 02/11/17


To see details of our full range of intermediate courses - [click here]

THE WINES OF ITALY (150 for 5 sessions)

BELFAST [Map] | [Apply Here] | [Return to Top]
The Ramada Encore Hotel
St. Anne's Square
20 Talbot Street

Close to public transport.

Thursdays 18.45 to 20.30
New Year 2018 TBA. Please rgister your interest.


To see details of our full range of wine workshops -
[click here ]

BELFAST [Map] | [Apply Here] | [Return to Top]

The Ramada Encore Hotel
St. Anne's Square
20 Talbot Street

Close to public transport.

All One Day Workshops run on Saturdays, 10.45 a.m. to 4.45 p.m.


International Grape Varieties

We'll taste half-a-dozen or so pairs of wines made from the world's most popular grapes, each pair being the same variety but sourced from different wine regions. For example, contrasting New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc vs Sancerre from the Loire Valley, Australian Shiraz vs Syrah from the Rhone Valley, German vs USA Riesling...

Please note that our courses run 'subject to demand'. As a general rule, 8 bookings are required for a course to be viable.


We can also organise tailor-made wine tastings to suit your occasion, depending on numbers, from e.g. corporate team-building or incentive events to relaxed special occasion tastings with a quiz, say, at your own home or an agreed venue. Please get in touch to discuss further if this is of interest.

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